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If you need a reliable, good-looking fence at a great price for your Asheville, NC, home or business, it’s hard to beat wood fencing. These fences can come in all shapes and sizes, and customizing them to fit their surroundings is as simple as laying down a coat of paint or stain.

While wood fences are still among the most popular fencing types in Western North Carolina today, the company you choose to install your fence matters. Poorly installed wood fencing won’t last nearly as long as it should, and you could end up overpaying for a low-quality fence. Save yourself the trouble - choose WNC Fencing Company for your wood fence project!


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When you hire WNC Fencing Company, you can rest assured knowing that this isn’t the first time we’ve installed a wood fence in Western North Carolina. Our company has years of experience with fencing installation and repair, making us the perfect choice for this work in and around Asheville, North Carolina.

There are many different reasons why people install fences around their homes or commercial properties:

  • Property privacy

  • Aesthetic appeal

  • Security

  • Marking property boundaries

If any of these traits are among your top priorities, a wood fence from WNC Fencing Company is a fantastic choice. The hardest-working team in the industry installs our fences, and their commitment to quality on every job will result in a fence you can trust for years to come.

All The Wood Fence Installation Services You Need

No matter what you need from your fence, wood fences can fit the bill. Here are a few types of wood fencing WNC Fencing Company can install for you.

Beautiful Wooden Fencing

Privacy Fencing

A high-quality wood fence can help you and your loved ones get away from the view of pedestrians and neighbors. Our privacy fences are a totally gap-free fencing option offering total property privacy.

Wood Fence Installation

Semi-Privacy Fencing

Want the benefits of privacy fencing without feeling so blocked in? Semi-privacy fencing consists of closely-placed boards, which still have small gaps that let air and light pass through

Brown Wooden Fencing

Ranch Fencing

If you’re all about giving your property a rustic appearance, it’s hard to go wrong with ranch fencing. This timeless design has been a classic for decades, and it will fit your farmhouse-inspired home like a glove.

Wooden Fencing

Stained Fencing

Not everyone wants the same appearance from their wooden fencing. Once we’ve installed your new fence, we can stain it to look just the way you want it to.

Driveway with beautiful Vinyl Fencing

Custom Fencing

Do you need a wood fence that’s 100-percent unique? We can design and install custom fences just for you.


Take The First Step Towards Classic Wood Fencing

Thanks to its classic look and other benefits, it’s easy to see why so many Asheville, NC, residents still rely on wood fencing. If you’d like to join them, all you need to do is call WNC Fencing Company today. We can work closely with you to install a fence that meets your needs!

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