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Even though newer materials are available in the fencing world today, wood picket fences haven’t lost their appeal to many homeowners. These popular fences are still widely used today. And it’s easy to see why since they offer privacy, ease of customization, and affordability. 

Unfortunately, poorly installed wood fences may not last as long as you’d want them to. That’s why you can’t afford to choose the wrong fencing company for this work. Avoid future problems by going with Asheville, North Carolina’s own WNC Fencing Company!


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Asheville’s Best Wood Fencing Contractors

Regardless of what sort of fencing you want to install on your Western North Carolina property, you need to find a fencing contractor you can trust. For years, people living in this area have selected WNC Fencing Company for their fencing needs. That’s allowed us to build a strong reputation as the top choice for these services in Asheville, NC.

When you go with WNC Fencing Company to install your wood picket fence, you’ll appreciate our close attention to detail and a work ethic that’s second to none. But our focus on quality doesn’t mean you’ll be paying an excessive amount for our work. We also aim to keep our services as affordable as possible, making life easier for our customers!

The Benefits of Wood Picket Fences

If you’re unsure what type of residential fence best fits your needs, you might want to consider a wood picket fence - even if you haven’t given these fences much thought before. A high-quality wooden fence can be:

  • Extremely affordable. If you want a great fence but aren’t ready to shell out for wrought iron or PVC, wood might be your best option.

  • Easy to customize. Do you need a gate option, a fence that’s a precise height, or other specific traits? We can easily adjust your wood fence to fit these needs.

  • Visually versatile. Changing the appearance of a wood picket fence is as simple as painting, staining, or aging it.

  • Eco-friendly. The production of all-natural wooden fences has a limited environmental impact. Meanwhile, you can safely recycle these fences when they reach the end of their lifespan.

We Do Custom Picket Fence Designs

One of the best things about wooden picket fences is how customizable they are. The team at WNC Fencing is more than capable of creating a wood fence that’s perfect for you.

We’ll start by asking what level of privacy you want. Depending on how the pickets are spaced, picket fences can be totally private or let some light and air in. We can also offer various shapes for your fence’s pickets, including French gothic, dog-eared, and straight.

Want a wood fence in a different style? Our employees can also put in shadowbox fences and framed fences for our customers.

Choose The Area’s Top Company for Installing Wood Fences

Ready to install a fence that looks great and gives you and your family added privacy? If you are, contact WNC Fencing Company today - we can’t wait to work with you!

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