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If you live in Asheville, NC, you may have dreamed of owning a home with the classic “white picket fence.” Fortunately, achieving this dream doesn’t have to be expensive. A vinyl fence for your Western North Carolina residence can look great and be easy to maintain - all at a surprisingly low price.

Instead of settling for a subpar fence contractor, get in touch with WNC Fencing Company when it’s time to install your new PVC fence. We’re Asheville, North Carolina’s most highly trusted company for fence installation, and we’ll be able to deliver a fence you can continue to enjoy for decades!


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Why Choose a PVC Fence?

As one of the most popular types of outdoor fencing, PVC/vinyl fencing has many different applications for residents of Asheville, NC.

  • Beautiful Yard and Pool Fencing

    No matter what style of PVC fencing you choose, this material can provide you with a great-looking decorative fence. Your new fence will serve as the finishing touch to your backyard, pool, or any other space that needs outdoor fencing!

  • Added Privacy and Protection

    Vinyl fencing is a perfect choice if you need privacy or semi-privacy fencing. These fences are great at keeping intruders and nosy neighbors from causing problems for you, your friends, and your family!

  • An Affordable Option

    When you choose the right contractor in Asheville, North Carolina, to install your new fence, it won’t be anywhere near as pricey as it looks. WNC Fencing Company can put in high-quality fences at a surprisingly low cost.

  • Limited Maintenance

    Some fences need careful maintenance to continue looking their best, but not PVC fences. These fences barely need any upkeep at all!

The Most Popular Vinyl Fencing Styles

Are you unsure what type of PVC fence is the best fit for your home? It can be challenging to narrow your options down, but you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. Here are a few fencing styles that past customers of WNC Fencing Company have been satisfied with:

  • Privacy fences are completely gap-free, creating a solid wall between your yard and the outside world.

  • Semi-privacy fences offer a sense of security similar to that provided by privacy fences. However, these have small gaps for airflow and some visibility.

  • Picket fences can give your property a timeless look. These fences are available in all sorts of spacing options and can be straight, scalloped, or arched.

  • Lattice fences can serve as both standalone fences and as parts in an arbor or pergola. In either case, they’re notable for their refined and intricate appearance.

  • Post and rail fences are closely associated with the classic “ranch” style. Whether you live in a rural area or just want a farmhouse look for your home, these fences are a great choice.

Your Go-To PVC Fencing Contractor

No matter what kind of vinyl fence your Asheville, NC, residential property needs, the team at WNC Fencing Company can install it for you. Make sure to contact Western North Carolina’s most qualified fencing business today!

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