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For residents of Asheville, NC, who have next-door neighbors or people regularly walking by their property, privacy can be hard to come by. One way to give your residential property a more secluded feel is by installing a fence, but not every type of fencing is up to this task. Some fences (like split rail fencing) cannot add much privacy, while others have gaps that people could see through.

The solution is simple - choose WNC Fencing Company to install privacy fencing on your property! These fences are designed with privacy as a top priority, and their lack of gaps makes it impossible for people to see through them. 


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What Makes Us North Carolina’s Top Privacy Fencing Company?

Whether you need a reliable privacy fence or another type of fencing, WNC Fencing Company is always your best option. We’ve been an active fence installer in Western North Carolina for ages, and we’ve built an unimpeachable reputation over the years. The employees of our fence company are ready to install a privacy fence that will give you more security and more peace of mind than ever.

On every job, the team at WNC Fencing Company focuses on delivering:

  • Quality Workmanship

    We’re not willing to let “good enough” be good enough. Instead, we’ll do whatever it takes to install a fence you’ll be genuinely happy with.

  • Unmatched Customer Service

    • From the first time you contact WNC Fencing Company to the end of your project, you’ll get regular updates and answers to any questions you may have.

  • The Flexibility You Need

    No matter what color, material, or style you want for your fence, just let us know. We can install a fence that perfectly matches your preferences

  • Outstanding Value

    Even the best fences shouldn’t cost an exorbitant amount. When you choose WNC Fencing Company, you’ll get a high-quality privacy fence at a fair price.

Our Affordable Privacy Fences

No two privacy fences installed by WNC Fencing Company are identical, but some materials we use are more popular than others. Here’s a closer look at two fencing materials our teams regularly use: wood and vinyl/PVC.

Wooden Privacy Fences

If keeping prices low is an exceptionally high priority on your fencing project, wood is a great choice. Wood is among the most affordable fencing materials out there, and a well-made wood privacy fence can give your property as much solitude and security as you need. Plus, wood can be a beautiful material, especially if your home and landscaping have a more rustic look.

Wood doesn’t have the extended lifespan of some fencing materials, but proper installation can go a long way towards keeping your wooden fence problem-free for years to come. Our team knows how to install these fences for you!

Vinyl Privacy Fences

One of the best features of PVC/vinyl privacy fencing is its lifespan - these fences can last for half a century, if not longer. They can also look great, adding a touch of class to any yard or property.

Vinyl fencing is generally costlier than wood, but it doesn’t need to be out of your price range. If you want the benefits of a PVC privacy fence without high costs, choose WNC Fencing Company for the job!

Contact Us About Your Privacy Fencing Needs

Keeping yourself and your family safe can’t wait. Once you’ve decided you’re in the market for a privacy fence in Asheville, North Carolina, don’t wait to get in touch with WNC Fencing Company. We can install a top-quality fence that’s right for you!

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