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Would you like to make your Asheville, NC, commercial or residential property look a bit more down-to-earth? If so, nothing beats a split rail fence. These fences were among the first built in America - while they were initially designed to save on wood, their timeless appearance continues to resonate in the modern age.

Even for uncomplicated fences like split rail fencing, quality installation services can make the difference between a fence you’ll be proud to have on your property and a less successful fence. To ensure your new fence will meet your high standards, choose WNC Fencing Company for the job!


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It shouldn’t be hard to see why split rail fences are gaining popularity right now. While they’re not the most private fences due to their wide-open design, their unique visual appeal can’t be matched by more conventional fences. Split rail fences are perfect for people living in rural North Carolina, though residents of more populated areas can also benefit from split rail fencing.

Unlike some other fencing types, split rail fences are also simple to construct and are made from basic wood. While you might believe their relatively easy install makes them an ideal DIY project, we’d recommend against this. If you don’t have experience in the fencing industry, building a fence can be a surprisingly challenging task - even if the fence style you’ve chosen is a more straightforward option.

Instead, give the professionals at WNC Fencing Company a call when it’s time to install a split rail fence. We work hard on every project, regardless of how big or small it is. You’ll also get quality workmanship and our 100-percent satisfaction guarantee!

We Install Standard Split Rail Fence - And More

WNC Fencing Company can install all sorts of low cost, long lasting split rail fences for people living in Western North Carolina. Our fences can last for decades, and their minimal construction means you’ll save quite a bit on installation.

These are some of our most popular split rail fence varieties:

  • Standard split rail fences have stood the test of time and can still add to your home or business’ rural appearance today.

  • Need added security for animal storage or any other purpose? We can weld wire to your fence for this purpose.

  • If you’ve built fences before and think you’re up to the challenge, we can provide you with pre-installation split rail posts/rails.

  • An aged/weathered split rail fence can give your property a pleasantly rustic look without sacrificing durability.

If you need a split rail fencing variety that’s not listed here, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Just get in touch - chances are, we can still install it for you.

Let Us Work On Pre-Installed Split Rail Posts And Fences

Asheville, North Carolina, residents trust WNC Fencing Company to install any type of fence you can think of. If you need a reliable North Carolina-based fencing contractor to install a split rail fence on your property, reach out to our team first!

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