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It’s vital for any type of fencing to be durable and reliable, but the demands placed on commercial fencing are incredibly high. These fences have to withstand inclement weather, provide excellent security, and add visual appeal to their surroundings. As a result, it pays to find a fencing contractor you can trust for fence installation on your commercial property.

Does your Asheville, NC, business need traditional outdoor fencing, security fencing, dumpster doors, interior security cages, or any other type of commercial fencing? In any of these situations, you can’t go wrong when choosing WNC Fencing Company for the task at hand. 


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Don’t Settle For Less From Your Commercial Fencing Company

Commercial fencing is far from a “one-size-fits-all” category, but all successful fences in commercial settings share some common traits. These include:

  • Strength and durability 

  • Weather resistance

  • Added security

  • Design that fits the commercial property in question

  • Long lifespan

As you may have suspected, not every fence on the market can meet all of these requirements, which means you’ll have to ensure your business or institution is getting trustworthy commercial fencing. Your first step should be a contractor who knows what they’re doing. If your company is operating in Asheville, North Carolina, or anywhere else in Western North Carolina, consider WNC Fencing Company for this job - we’ve been the go-to fencing contractor for local residents and businesses for years.

A Full-Service Commercial
Fencing Contractor

No matter what type of commercial fencing your Asheville, NC, business needs, WNC Fencing Company will be happy to provide it for you. Here are just some of the commercial fences we install for companies across Western North Carolina:

Parking and Side Walk Metal Fencing

Commercial Security Fencing

Businesses in any industry need to keep intruders and other threats where they belong - that is, outside your facility. Security fencing from WNC Fencing Company is capable of performing this important task day in and day out.

Metal Fencing Installation

Commercial Security Cages

Not all types of commercial fencing are designed for outdoor use only! If you need extra protection for your equipment or inventory items, a security cage or two can be the perfect addition to your warehouse or other commercial building.

Beautiful Wooden Fencing

Commercial Wood Fences

Wood fences are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a sturdy commercial fence at a highly affordable price. To help your new fence fit in with your landscape, we’ll be happy to paint and stain it for you.

Security Fencing Installation

Commercial Metal Fences

Are you looking for a timeless, beautiful wrought iron fence, lightweight but reliable chainlink fences, or any other type of metal fencing? If so, you’re in luck - our team can install any of these fences and more. 

Backyard with metal fencing

Commercial PVC/Vinyl Fences

Vinyl and PVC fences are highly customizable, can provide total privacy, and require almost no maintenance - all of which makes them ideal for many Asheville, North Carolina businesses. If these sound like features you want from your fencing, we’re ready to install one of these fences for you!

We Can Handle Your Commercial Fence Installations

Whether you’re getting ready to open your business, planning to move into a new facility, or just need to update your existing fence, WNC Fencing Company can help. Give Western North Carolina’s number-one commercial fencing company a call today! 

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