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If visual appeal is a top priority for your residential or commercial fencing, ornamental iron may be just what you’re looking for. These fences can add a touch of timeless beauty to any property, but that’s not the only benefit they have to offer. You’ll also appreciate their extremely high level of durability, not to mention their functionality in terms of security.

WNC Fencing Company is the number one fencing contractor in and around Asheville, NC. We’re highly familiar with wrought iron fence installation, and we can install a great-looking, long-lasting fence for you. Choose us when you need iron gates, fences, and more! 


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Ornamental Wrought Iron Fences

It’s safe to say two-rail ornamental iron fences have stood the test of time - they are among the oldest types of fencing in the world. Still, don’t make the mistake of assuming wrought iron fences are outdated. After all, these fences still have a place in the world today...and, perhaps, a place on your property.

Aside from the curb appeal their classic look can bring to any home or business, iron fences are known for their durability and long lifespans. These are some of the strongest fences you can find anywhere. Best of all, your iron fence could continue to stand strong for centuries to come!

Ornamental Iron vs. Wrought Iron

The terms “ornamental iron” and “wrought iron” are often used interchangeably. However, that isn’t 100-percent accurate. These names refer to two completely different types of fencing, even if that isn’t evident to casual onlookers. If you’d like to learn more about these differences, read on.

Ornamental Iron

Despite its name, ornamental iron doesn’t consist of iron! Instead, these fences are made of mechanically shaped steel. Still, they come with all sorts of perks:

Cheaper than wrought iron

More widely available

Simple to repair and replace

Ideal for large-scale applications

Wrought Iron

On the other hand, wrought iron is what most people think of when they hear the term “iron fencing.” Wrought iron fences are hand-forged by blacksmiths. That makes them more expensive than ornamental iron fences, but they also have advantages you shouldn’t ignore:

Heavyweight material

One-of-a-kind charm

Harder to dent or damage

Exceptional durability

Residential Ornamental Iron Fencing

At WNC Fencing Company, we can install residential iron fencing anywhere you want. This type of fencing is especially well-suited for use as pool fencing or as a backyard fence. No matter where you put it, you’ll get a great-looking fence that will keep your home safe for decades.

Commercial Ornamental Iron Fencing

Thanks to its long lifespan and ability to improve security, ornamental iron is also a popular choice for Asheville, NC businesses needing commercial fencing. Along with these positive traits, the beautiful look of these fences can attract the attention of passers-by - including potential customers.

Choose The Ornamental Fence Experts

Whether you’re looking for someone to install iron fencing in Asheville, North Carolina, or anywhere else in Western North Carolina, we can help. Contact WNC Fencing Company for your residential or commercial fencing needs!

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