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For Asheville, NC, companies and residents alike, few fencing options get the job done as effectively as iron fencing. When these fences get installed correctly, they provide a high level of security while looking great. It’s no surprise that iron fencing is still a trendy choice today.

However, the success of your commercial or residential iron fence depends on getting the right people to install it. If you’re looking for iron fence installation services in Western North Carolina, that means giving WNC Fencing Company a call!


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The Benefits Of Residential Iron Fences

  • Security

    A properly installed iron security fence can give you protection from intruders and the peace of mind that comes with it. 

  • Durability

    Iron is synonymous with durability, and for a good reason. Your iron fence should last for decades to come - if not even longer.

  • Low Maintenance

    Iron fences don’t need intensive maintenance, making them an excellent option for anyone too busy to maintain fences made of wood and other materials.

  • Visual Appeal

    Iron is a timeless, classy-looking choice whether you need a commercial fence or a residential pool fence. 

Consider Wrought Iron Fencing

Any type of iron gate or iron fence can look incredible when it’s professionally installed. However, if visual appeal is an exceptionally high priority for you, it may be a good idea to look into wrought iron fencing for your home or business.

There are two similar (but subtly different) products in this category - wrought iron and ornamental iron. Wrought iron is the traditional choice, which blacksmiths create by hand. The result: a 100-percent unique fence that will accentuate your property like nothing else.

Meanwhile, ornamental iron looks similar to wrought iron, but it’s made of mechanically shaped steel. Ornamental iron is still a quality fencing option, and it’s also available at a lower price. No matter which type of decorative iron fence you want, WNC Fencing Company can deliver!

What To Look For In Your Iron Fence Company

An iron gate or fence is an investment. After all, your new fence could be a part of your property for the rest of your life! Because of this, it’s essential to make sure you’re getting the right fencing company for the job. Keep an eye out for companies that:

Have a strong reputation in the Asheville, North Carolina, area and beyond.

Offer low rates without sacrificing quality workmanship.

Take pride in the qualifications and strong work ethic of their employees.

Are locally owned and operated.

Can provide a full range of fence installation and repair services.

At WNC Fencing Company, we’re proud to meet all of these criteria and more. As Western North Carolina’s most trusted fencing contractor, we’re more than ready to take on your iron fence project.

Choose Us For Iron Decorative Fences

By now, you’ve had a chance to learn all about who we are and what we do. If you’re an Asheville, NC, resident who wants to install an iron fence on your property soon, there’s no reason to wait. Reach out to WNC Fencing Company today!

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