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All sorts of fencing materials are available to property owners in Asheville, NC, today. Still, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic metal fence for your commercial or residential property. Metal is a high-security fencing option, and it can look great, too.

Whether you’re looking for an ornate wrought iron fence or a simple but highly effective aluminum fence, choose WNC Fencing Company for the job. We’re Asheville, North Carolina’s most trusted company for any type of fence installation and repair project, a reputation we’ve earned from years of hard work and dedication to our customers.


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Custom Metal Gates & Fences

With the support of WNC Fencing Company, you won’t have to choose an off-the-shelf fence for your home or business. Instead, we’re proud to offer highly customized metal fencing to our customers. Just tell us how you’d like your fence to look and function, and we’ll create a fence that’s perfect for you.

Our services don’t stop there, either. We’re also capable of creating a custom gate that matches your fence’s material and design perfectly. For metal fences that are both secure and eye-catching, make sure WNC Fencing Company is the first business you call!

Residential Metal Fences

Even if you’re not installing a fence to keep up with the Joneses, everyone deserves residential fences that blend in with their surroundings. Whether it’s functional or not, a fence that doesn’t fit with your home’s design won’t be satisfying to you or anyone else.

To ensure your new residential fence will fit into the neighborhood, select our team of experts for the job! We can put a great-looking fence in before you know it.

Metal Fences Repair

One of the best traits of metal fencing is its durability. Still, no material lasts forever, so it’s crucial to take care of metal fences over time. When standard maintenance isn’t enough to keep your fence in good shape, ask WNC Fencing Company for help.

Shortly after you contact our team, we’ll complete any repairs needed to allow your fence to keep standing tall. These include hinge repairs for gates, along with all other necessary services.

Metal Fences Installation

Depending on what you’re looking for, WNC Fencing Company can install any type of metal fence you might need:

  • For minimal upkeep requirements, aluminum fencing is ideal. These fences can stand up to inclement weather with ease and come with no risk of rusting.

  • Wrought iron is a classic variety of metal fencing which blacksmiths create by hand. For truly one-of-a-kind decorative fences, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

  • Ornamental iron fences - actually made from steel - offer a look similar to that of wrought iron fences. While they’re not handmade, they more than make up for it with their affordability.

  • Want the benefits of metal fencing while sticking to a tight budget? Chain-link fencing is a highly affordable option that’s still incredibly effective.

Metal Fence Gates vs. Wood Fence Gates

Most fences need at least one gate so people can pass through. Your two primary options are metal and wood gates, both of which have unique perks.

Metal Fence Gates

When you have a metal fence, a metal fence gate will offer the perfect match. Like metal fences, metal gates are also low-maintenance and visually striking. However, they aren’t the only possibility.


Wood Fence Gates

If you’re looking for contrast from your fence, a wood gate can provide the effect you’re looking for. These gates can also increase your privacy since their planks can lie side-by-side. They’re also more challenging to climb than metal gates, providing extra security.

Asheville, NC’s Metal Fence Pros

No matter what type of metal fence you plan to install in Western North Carolina, WNC Fencing Company can help. Take the first step towards establishing your dream fence by giving us a call today!

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